About Us: Tripp Firm Racing

Our "day job" involves cars and the life-changing effects that they can have on lives. The Tripp Law Firm handles strictly personal injury matters, and the bulk of our practice deals with injuries arising out of auto accidents. We are also passionate about cars: what makes them work and what makes them faster! Though that speed is fun, it is important to realize that there is a time and place to enjoy that speed. That time is in a controlled environment supervised by skilled professionals: the track! We created the concept Keep Racing on the Track to remind everyone that while speed can be fun, it can also be dangerous and even kill.

We encourage you to browse more on this site and on our firm's main site at www.TrippFirm.com. If you have been the victim of a careless driver, feel free to call us anytime 24/7 to discuss any personal injury concerns. We would be honored to speak to you free of charge with no obligation.