"Keep Racing on the Track"

Every racer knows the feeling. You're stopped at a red light, and the other guy rolls up next to you and revs his engine. Your pulse quickens, and your adrenaline begins to rush.

Hopefully, at this point, your common sense gets the best of you, and when the light turns green, you drive on down the road like the law-abiding, sane person you are regardless of what the other guy does. Being tempted to race on the street isn't wrong, but acting on that temptation in an uncontrolled environment is dangerous. We created the concept "Keep Racing on the Track" to encourage everyone to do just that. Racing on the street is not only illegal but incredibly dangerous. Even if you are an experienced driver, you can't control what other drivers might do much less pedestrians and bicyclists including children. We encourage you to browse our site and read more. Come out to the events where we are racing along side you and pickup a free Keep Racing on the Track t-shirt to show your support. You can also request a free Keep Racing on the Track cling for your car or truck! If we were out taking pictures at an event, maybe we got a sick shot of your car in action. Check out our Gallery and find your photo and request a copy to be mailed to you for free!